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Biggest Insider Sells of Q1 2024

Corporate insiders have sold more than $65B in smart money so far in 2024. Here's the top 10 executives selling the most


Most Popular Investing App in Each State 2024

Uncovering the most-search investing apps in every state in the US in 2024 based on Google search trends


Report: Top FinTwit Trends of Q1 2024

Over-analyzing the top trending finance topics in online chatter so far this year, and predicting what comes next...


How to Invest with WallStreetBets in 2024

r/WallStreetBets investing guide: how to use the subreddit responsibly to make quality investments and trades.


Is the Stock Market Open on Good Friday in 2024?

Good Friday is a federally recognized holiday that changes year to year. Here's how it may affect your trading in 2024


How to Set Stock Alerts with Google Alerts: A Step-By-Step Guide

Stay on top of your stock portfolio with real-time alerts from Google so you never miss a market move.


Is the Stock Market Open on Memorial Day?

Memorial Day is a nationally recognized federal holiday that changes dates each year. Here's when it lands in 2024


U.S. Stock Market Holidays 2024: Is the NYSE & NASDAQ Open Today?

Full list of nationally recognized federal holidays for which the US stock market is fully or partially closed in 2024


The Story of Uptrends v3

We're relaunching Uptrends news monitoring! Our first version wasn’t quite what we wanted it to be. So we fixed it :-)

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