A live leaderboard of which stocks have the most news coverage + which stocks are surging in mentions over the past week, month

Where do "mentions" come from?
A stock's mentions signify the total number of times the company has been mentioned across all news sources scraped by Uptrends over a given time window (ex: 7 days or 1 month). We scrape roughly 5,000 accredited news sources & social media sites from around the globe in real-time to aggregate mentions for each stock
How is a "mentions increase" calculated?
The right-hand column of the mentions table shows stocks that have had the biggest increase in mentions over the given time window. This is calculated by summing each stock's mentions over the most-recent period (ex: 7 days), and taking the percent change vs. the previous time-window of the same length (ex: the 7 days prior)
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