Set alerts and be notified about surges in mention volume, changes in sentiment, or news catalysts when they happen. FOMO be gone.

How do I set an alert?
Create an alert by navigating to any company or sector page and clicking the "Create Alert" button. Choose from one of three alert types: 1) sentiment change alert, 2) mentions surge alert, or 3) keyword catalyst alert, then name your alert and click to complete.
When do alerts trigger?
Depending on the type of alert, each alert triggers when the given alert category changes by 2.5 standard deviations from its baseline. For example: a mentions surge alert triggers for a given stock if it's daily news volume increases by 2.5 standard deviations from its 90-day average news volume. You will receive an email notification when an alert triggers.
Where can I see all my alerts?
View and manage all of your current alerts by navigating to the "Alerts" page in the side bar on any page. The Alerts page will show all alerts you have ever set, with their corresponding type, selected stock or sector, and current status.
Can I modify existing alerts?
Once an alert is set it cannot be modified. You can delete any alert at any time and create a new alert with a different category (sentiment, mentions surge, keyword catalyst) or entity (stock or sector).
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