See which stocks are being talked about most within a given sector, and compare conversation sentiment within the sector

How are sector-level hot stocks calculated?
This is similar to the Hot Stocks section shown on the trending page, simply filtered to only include stocks being mentioned alongside a given topic (ex: "AI" or "artificial intelligence")
What does the sector heatmap show?
The heatmap shows both the news mention volume and sentiment of the top-20 most-mentioned stocks alongside the given topic over the past 7-days. The size of a stock's square signifies its mention volume, and the color signifies its average composite news sentiment over the period.
How do I find topics?
You can find any topic with sufficient sample size by simply searching for it from the search bar at the top of any page. If the topic (ex: "AI", "bankruptcy", "interest rates", "Hollywood strikes") has enough news volume, it will have a dedicated topic page.
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