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How do I create a watchlist?
In the side bar on any page, click the plus button next to "Watchlist" to create a new watchlist and give it a name. To add stocks to your watchlist. Click "Add ticker" from the watchlist page and search for any stock, then click the plus on the far right and click "Add to Watchlist". Be careful not to add the same stock to your watchlist multiple times.
How many watchlists can I have?
Anyone with a Basic subscription can create two watchlists; anyone with a Pro subscription can create unlimited watchlists. Each individual watchlist can contain an unlimited number of stocks.
What does watchlist sentiment mean?
The sentiment shown on a watchlist page is the composite news sentiment of all stocks within the watchlist. For example, if a watchlist contains four stocks, then the watchlist sentiment will be the composite sentiment expressed over a given period across all stocks within the watchlist.
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