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As an investor, seeing the future is hard. We make it easier. monitors stock market chatter to help you find the trends and events that matter.

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Stock market news monitoring for DIY traders

90% of stock market success comes down to reading the right info

All the stock market chatter, all in one place

Real-time stock market chatter aggregated from thousands of global news outlets, social media platforms, and blog sites. We filter out the bots and clickbait for you.

Custom news alerts, so you can beat the noise

Set alerts for any stock, sector, or topic, and get notified about news surges, sentiment shifts, and market-moving catalysts. Makes FOMO a thing of the past.

Track market sentiment, without doomscrolling

Uptrends uses AI to track the sentiment expressed in chatter about any stock, sector, or topic, so you can gauge the mood without all the doomscrolling

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Thousands of DIY investors have already made the switch from doomscrolling.

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“This is why you Inverse Cramer 😂
Great great work by the team.”
This is a great strategy! I’ve been obsessed with this mainstream-media monitoring stuff for years and can tell you this monitoring can be very telling.”
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Beat the noise with news alerts

News moves markets. Get notified about surging news for any stock, sector, or topic, and say goodbye to FOMO. Here are 9 of the top returning news alerts set by Uptrends users this summer:

Covering all the top market news sources so you don't have to

Aggregated news, blogs, and social media posts from thousands of the top finance coverage websites, so you know what folks are saying at every level.

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Frequently Asked

Leverage news monitoring tools to find & act on market-moving news in a hurry. Built for investors by investors.

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How is news sentiment calculated?

Our language model are built on peer-reviewed sentiment research, and utilize a weighted ratio of positive vs. negative sentences written about a given company or topic to create a composite sentiment score by day, week, or month.

Why do pro traders prefer Uptrends?

As the first pro-quality AI news monitoring tool built for DIY investors, we give traders powerful insight at an affordable price.

How do I trade on news sentiment?

Whether you want to ride the hype or get out of its way, sentiment allows you to measure the mood about a stock; and if you can't measure it, you can't manage it.

Can I use Uptrends for free?

Yes, every subscriber gets a 14-day free trial and 60-day money back guarantee if you aren't satisfied with the product

Why not just read the news manually?

Today's news sites are noisey and convoluted, and that's their goal: hide insightful market information so they can keep you on page and serve you advertisements.

Stay ahead of trends, above the noise

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