Uptrends Release Notes

January 2024


  • Introducing Uptrends v3.0 — welcomed our biggest website upgrade to-date, complete with a fully redesigned UI and a whole new set of features to help you stay ahead of market news!
  • Trending Stocks Leaderboard — we redesigned the trending stocks table to be more useful and more customizable. Now you can easily toggle between live leaderboards of stocks with surging news, or stocks with highly positive/negative sentiment. Customize the number of rows, time window, and columns.
  • Email Alerts — we introduced off-platform alerts for the first time. Now you'll get notified about important news affecting your stocks straight to your inbox. Just create a watchlist and begin receiving email alerts immediately.
  • 12 New Alert Types — we significantly expanded the types of alerts you'll receive. Now easily turn on alerts for news surges, sentiment spikes, price changes, trending topics, earnings, analyst ratings, executive activity, whale activity, mergers & acquisitions, lawsuits, FDA approval, and bankruptcy rumors
  • AI Alert & Topic Summaries — we added AI-generated summaries to topics and alerts to take the guesswork out of discerning over-arching opinion about major stock events. AI summaries parse hundreds of articles pertaining to any alert or topic, weighing the positive/negative outlooks, and synthesizing actionable summaries to give you a better consensus takeaway.

November 2023


  • Event highlights on stock charts — this month we rolled out AI event detection offically onto the Uptrends.ai website. Stock charts now highlight when a given company experiences a surge news coverage and summarizes the event into a few sentences
  • Expanded news coverage — added coverage from a few thousand more news sources to improve mentions tracking and make coverage more robust.
  • Updated weekly roundup email — revised the weekly roundup email to include more information about stocks with trending conversation volume and highlight alerts from the past week.
  • Updated account settings — now you can more easily manage your account, billing, and subscription preferences.

October 2023


  • Introducing the FREE tier — now you can find which stocks are trending online, explore sentiment & news events, create watchlists, and set alerts for FREE, no credit card required.
  • More historical & intraday data — we added historical price and sentiment data for every stock we currently track. Now you can go back in time to see news volume, sentiment trends, and price 30, 90, and 180 days into the past. What's more, you can now also see intraday sentiment, on an hourly basis.
  • View news events by day on stock charts — now you can double click into any day on any given stock chart to see the snippets and events that effected the stock's price.
  • Set news alerts from anywhere — we made it A LOT easier to set alerts and be notified about market-moving news for any stock. From any page, just hover over the name of any ticker, and a bell icon will appear. Click the bell to set an alert, and you'll be notified on-platform whenever there's a news event for that stock

September 2023


  • Trending stocks by mention volume — you can now easily see which stocks have the most news coverage or biggest surge in news coverage over the past week or month by switching the sort to 'Mentions' in the Hot Stocks section on the Trending page
  • Hover insights on stock charts — need to know sentiment or mention volume by day? You can now hover over any day on a stock chart to see that day's total news volume and average news sentiment.
  • 'Getting Started' checklist — introduced a 'getting started' checklist for new users to walk through how to use the platform when you first create an account
  • Search by sector or topic — you wanted to see news grouped by sectors and topics, so we made it happen. Find any sector or topic in the top search bar to see news sentiment details and mention volume over time.
  • In-depth sector and topic insights — see which stocks are driving conversation around any topic or within any sector. Just search for a topic (earnings, interest rates, AI) or sector (information tech, health care), or find one on our trending page, and see which stocks are being mentioned most.

August 2023


  • Expanded coverage — we've expanded coverage to included the top 5,000 US-based publicly-traded stocks based on news coverage
  • Available on mobile devices — we've made Uptrends available on Mobile!
  • Weekly roundup email — added a weekly roundup email reviewing trending stocks, sectors, and topics in stock market news
  • Fixed stock chart issues — fixed a bug that prevented certain accounts from viewing stock charts

July 2023


  • Introducing Uptrends.ai! — we've officially transitioned from our previous domain at Babbl.dev to Uptrends.ai! All links on Babbl are now redirected to Uptrends.ai and old accounts are deprecated
  • Completely redesigned UI — the new website has been completely redesigned, including a fully revised trending stocks page with a trending stocks leaderboard, mentions tracking by topic and by sector
  • Watchlists — we've added watchlists so you can save stocks you'd like to follow
  • Search — we've added a search function so you can now look-up individual stocks and see their mentions, price, sentiment and major headlines over time
  • Fixed Delays — we've fixed bugs that were causing data feeds to be slightly delayed