Today I want to personally share an important update about Uptrends: we are planning to increase the price of our Uptrends Pro tier before the end of the month. Here’s everything you need to know:

Uptrends Pro Pricing Plan Changes

Starting the week of March 25th 2024, the price of an Uptrends Pro subscription will transition from $24.99/month to $49.99/month. The annual plan will go from $249.99/year to $499.99 per year.

This price increase accompanies a few major feature additions over the past few weeks, including unlimited AI-summarized news alerts delivered to your email inbox. We are also planning to role out 2-3 more exciting AI features over the next 6-8 weeks that will only be available to Pro users.

Why is the Price Changing?

This is a decision we have been considering for the past few months, and now felt like the best time to follow through with it. This was not a decision we made lightly; there are a few major factors that drove the decision. Simply put:

  1. Recent and upcoming Pro feature releases have made the plan inherently more valuable than the original price reflects
  2. Quite frankly, generating AI summaries for an unlimited number of email alerts each week for each Pro subscriber is not cheap, and increasing the price will hopefully prevent folks from abusing this.

What Happens to Existing Subscriptions?

There’s good news too — all existing Pro users will maintain their legacy pricing, and you can upgrade to a Pro subscription before April 1st 2024 to lock-in the legacy pricing. More specifically:

  • All existing Pro users will still pay $24.99/mo ($249.99/yr) → your monthly cost will stay the same if you're already a Pro subscriber
  • That means you can upgrade to Pro this week to lock-in a subscription at the legacy $24.99 price before it increases to $49.99

This felt like the only right way to do it. We owe it to those of you who have been here since the early days of Uptrends. Going forward you’ll maintain your legacy price for life.

Uptrends Pro Tier Features

If you’re still lost here: the Uptrends Pro tier is our most premium stock market news monitoring subscription plan. With a Pro plan you get access to:

  • Uptrends’ leaderboard of trending stocks
  • Unlimited company page searches
  • Unlimited email alerts per week for any stock

Pro subscribers specifically get access to email alerts for any stock from any of the following news alert categories:

  • News surge alerts
  • Price change alerts
  • Sentiment spike alerts
  • Trending topic alerts
  • Earnings news alerts
  • Lawsuits and legal alerts
  • Mergers & acquisitions alerts
  • Executive activity alerts
  • Whale activity alerts
  • Analyst rating alerts
  • Bankrupcty rumor alerts
  • FDA approval alerts

How to Get Started with Uptrends

Uptrends is an AI stock market news monitoring and alerting platform built to help retail investors stay ahead of news and above the market. Here’s how to take advantage of the new pricing:

Existing Users: If you are an active Uptrends subscriber, you will receive a few emails about the upcoming Pro tier pricing change over the next week. You can upgrade to Uptrends Pro any time before the end of March 2024 to get access at the legacy price for life.

New Users: If you are new to Uptrends, you can create an account on Pro today to gain access at the legacy price, locked-in for life. It’s the best bang for your buck in terms of AI-based news monitoring and sentiment analysis for the stock market.

You can get started today with a Pro subscription by signing up here, or explore other options on our pricing page.

If you have questions or need additional information about these changes, please email