Market-moving insights, without the hassle

Doomscrolling through market news sites is out the door. Market news monitoring is here to help automate the legwork


Track news sentiment, across sources and time

It's never been easier to gauge the mass opinion about the market. Real-time and historical sentiment measured for thousands of stocks, sectors, and topics.

How we calculate sentiment





Trending topics & sectors

Detect trending stocks, sectors, and topics

No more constant scrolling through news sites for fear of missing out. We algorithmically detect market-moving news so you know where to look and when to act, with live leaderboards of:

  • Thousands of publicly-traded US stocks

  • Hundreds of conversation topics

  • Every market sector

easy alerts & watchlists

Act on market-moving news faster than ever

Stay hyper-informed when market-moving news is affecting the stocks, sectors, or topics you care most about. Set a variety of news-specific alerts and get notified to your email or SMS when it matters:

  • Surging mention volume alerts

  • Shifting sentiment alerts

  • Every market sector

And that's just the tip of the iceberg. When you put it all together -- tools to help you conquer the news cycle, focus on what matters, find better trades, and reclaim your time & attention -- it's like magic. is a revelation
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